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The website’s General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU) are displayed on this page. These terms serve as a legal framework for the provision of the website and its services and specify the requirements for “the User’s” access to and use of the services.

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All fans of online casino games get free access to the website. You can access this from anywhere as long as you have Internet connectivity. Additionally, these terms and conditions of use must be carefully followed by all visitors to the website. Therefore, following the given guidelines is sufficient to benefit from the services made by the website.

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Collection of Personal Data

This website does not gather user data. Users of this website need not worry about the site’s operators fraudulently manipulating their important information.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Code, namely the copyright provision, protects the range of content that this website employs. This includes written words, pictures, logos, brands, sounds, and signs.

However, any user may choose to individually exploit these materials through publication or reproduction. In this scenario, the interested party is required to submit a previous authorization request. The user must also agree to use the content solely for personal, non-commercial reasons, fully aware that any usage for commercial or advertising objectives is absolutely banned.


The platform focuses on creating reviews of online casinos. Its accountability, however, cannot be questioned for any hardship a user may have encountered at a casino that the site has already reviewed. It should also be noted that even if its website contains links to other platforms, this website cannot be held liable for any problems you could run into there.


There may be links on the webpage. These provide a quick route to other websites. The fact that these links go to other websites is known to the users. The site is not liable for the content of these links or the level of your experience on the linked sites because it has no control over where they lead.

Privacy Policy

Users of the website as well as the website itself are subject to this privacy statement. We are serious about protecting our users’ privacy. This policy is applicable to all information that we collect or that users voluntarily submit when using the website.