Campaign Updates

Ontario Deserves Evidence-Based Reform

The Keep Ontario Working coalition, today expressed concern that the Government of Ontario’s Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Plan, commits to unproven sweeping reforms without ensuring protection against unintended consequences, including job losses, rising consumer costs, and economic hardship.
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Ontario’s Employers Caution Government on Changing Workplaces Review: “You Can’t Legislate Prosperity”

Keep Ontario Working (KOW), a group of Ontario’s leading employers, industry and sector associations submitted its final set of recommendations to the Special Advisors of the Changing Workplaces Review (CWR). While the group acknowledges that workplaces are changing and that labour and employment legislation should be modernized, they caution that employers and employees alike cannot risk public policy changes that would place unintended burdens on them.
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Keep Ontario Working - Media Backgrounder

In the coming months, Ontario’s leading industry and sector associations will work together through the Keep Ontario Working initiative to motivate employers and employees alike to take a more active interest in the Changing Workplaces Review and ensure that we are improving legislation to support workers’ rights and a prosperous economy.
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Ontario Employer Groups Call on Provincial Government to “Keep Ontario Working”

Leading employer groups are calling on the Government of Ontario to reject several proposals under consideration in the Interim Report of the Changing Workplaces Review. Following the release of the report today, key Ontario employers are concerned that many of the policy options under consideration by the Special Advisors could have a profound impact on the relationship between employees and employers in every workplace in Ontario.
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