Sectoral Bargaining
More Questions Than Answers
The interim report includes options that would enable Sectoral Standards Agreements, which extend standards and contractual provisions throughout identified regional/occupational/industrial labour markets. These Agreements would expand collective bargaining among disjointed groups of employers and employees.
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What's this about?

Under a Sectoral Standards Agreement, a labour union will certify one workplace and then extend that throughout a regional/occupational/industrial labour market. This could create a scenario where thousands of small employers are negotiating with one union bargaining council. For example, all coffee shop workers in Toronto would have one union, like construction trades. Some voices have gone so far as to suggest freelancers, dependent contractors, and self-employed workers be granted access to such a collective bargaining regime. This proposal raises more questions than answers.

Our RecommendationS

Recommendation 1: Rather than engage in legislative reform in this area, the Government should focus its efforts on compliance and enforcement of the current provisions of the ESA.

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