Sector Exemptions
Recognizing Diversity
The interim report includes options that would allow for the abolishment of all sectoral exemptions. Doing so ignores the unique needs of important industries like agriculture and information technology when it comes to flexible scheduling and compensation.
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Abolishing sector exemptions would mark a significant change from Ontario's long-standing approach to Employment Standards legislation. For example, in knowledge-based occupations, like information technology, exemptions have been developed to recognize the distinct demands of entrepreneurial culture. Similarly, exemptions in agricultural sub-sectors recognize the fact that agricultural production is highly dependent on global market demand, external factors including weather, and the perishable nature of agricultural products. Sectors like these require legislated workplace standards that are sufficiently flexible.

Our RecommendationS

Recommendation #1: Continue to take into account sectoral differences in the organization of work and its cost. Maintain Employment Standards Act sector and sub-sector exemptions.

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