Minimum Wage
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The Ontario Government's Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs plan lays out the governments plans to raise the general minimum wage to $14 per hour on January 1, 2018, and then to $15 on January 1, 2019, followed by annual increases at the rate of inflation. How will the impact your businesses' ability to hire and grow.
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Ontario's Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act plans to increase the minimum wage by 32% in only 18 months. Ontario risks labour reduction by increasing the minimum wage. Studies have shown that increasing the minimum wage has led to a reduction in employment especially for youth. The Premier’s own 2014 Minimum Wage Panel concluded that, in the Canadian context, researchers have generally found an adverse employment effect of raising minimum wages especially for young workers. In fact, Canadian studies have found that teen employment would drop by 3% - 6% if the minimum wage is raised by 10 percent.

Given that changes to the minimum wage were explicitly left outside of the terms of the Changing Workplaces Review, we cannot help but wonder if the recommendations would have been different if the advisors would have been permitted to consider an increase to the minimum wage as an alternative to these recommendations.

Our RecommendationS

As employers, our members believe that increasing the minimum wage and fully implementing these recommendations would have the perverse effect of discouraging investment and eliminating jobs, thereby diminishing economic opportunities in Ontario. We are calling on the government to consider a slower pace for minimum wage implementation to allow businesses predictability and the ability to adjust. The government should look to other jurisdictions for guidance on reasonable timelines for implementation.

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Your voice will make a difference. Please write to the Government of Ontario today and let them know that you're concerned about the potential impact of changes to our labour and employment laws. Send the letter below, or, for, more impact, you can edit and personalize it with a specific recommendation about contract work, scheduling, sectoral bargaining, or any other issue that will impact your business.